On the right , Trixey is with Dixey her long time teammate. On the left, she is pulling with Anna. 

James was born at our stables and still thinks he is a baby. He is   a rose roan Clydesdale and single drives certain carriages

Henry also was born at our stables.  He made his debut this year and is a classy, high stepping Percheron. He is our 2nd largest horse and still filling out, but like James a baby in his heart and temperament.

Polly and Anna had the privilege  of bringing in the 2015 Horseperson of the Year, Warren Bengston, to the Minnesota Horse Expo.

These are Tom and Jerry, at the Layfayette Club, but we call them "The Boys". They are an old-style team of Percherons that are half brothers and have been together since the day they were born. 

The boys don't mind the snow.

Anna and Polly pulling a horse -drawn hearse.

​Big John and Spring our Belgian team

Not Pictured

Bev or Henry